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Our Kent based impartial and independent financial advice (IFA) team can help you whether you are investing a nest egg, planning retirement or concerned about protecting your family.

Many ask the question “will my money last..?” For some the answer is “yes, simply maintain status quo” while for others the answer may be “you really need to do something.”

With all financial matters there are consequences of action and inaction. Interest rates are set to stay low so placing money on deposit may protect the monetary value of capital but inflation reduces its spending power; while investment offers potentially higher returns – values fluctuate over time. Which is better for you?

As your IFA our job is to help you work it through.

The Facts and Figures team looks after over £100 million for private individuals, companies, charities and trusts.

We are impartial, and have been providing whole of market independent financial advice from our offices in Kent and London for over 20 years.

Whether you are an experienced investor or not, you can still benefit from independent financial advice (IFA) and rest assured that we treat all our clients with the same high standards of care and service.

If you have any queries or concerns or if you simply need some independent financial advice (IFA) – why not contact us, request a call back or simply pick up the phone? We are always happy to chat.

Make your next financial move a smart one.

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