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Christmas Financial Planning

Although we usually associate Christmas with precious family time and offering gifts to loved ones, we all tend to over consume and for many Christmas is overshadowed by debt and financial worries. Get organised early and set a clear and realistic budget in order to avoid overspending and ending up reliant on credit cards or […]


This week’s program focuses on stress. Money worries are a major stressor and a major contributor to poor mental wellbeing. The NHS website has a whole section on coping with money worries; while earlier this year CNBC reported that over 85% of Americans have at least some money related stress with a whopping 30% admitting […]

Inheritance Tax

As I write this blog Money Talk will be focusing on Inheritance Tax – once described by Roy Jenkins as a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue. Of course those were the “good old days” and despite the arguably much overdue addition of a residence […]


The internet has already revolutionised shopping and it continues to revolutionise communications – both business and personal. BT has not installed any new Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) phone lines since 2014. ISDN will be switched off altogether for everyone in 2025. New businesses should be adopting the latest technology immediately while established businesses need […]

The Budget

The Budget: “Great giveaway or kick in the teeth for the poor?” Spreadsheet Phil finally loosened the purse strings in the first Monday budget since 1962. Will his budget measures give the economy the boost it needs or was it a missed opportunity? As ever the papers are divided. Simon will try and make sense […]

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